Various Poses in Yoga

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Yoga emphasizes on taking on various poses and positions of the body to achieve good state of mind and the body. Those who understand what yoga is all about know that doing the right poses and positions is vital in their training.

Executing these poses with the right concentration allows one to succeed in training which is good for the body and the mind. Daily practice is essential in building up the body and the number of poses one can master. These poses include things like warm ups, seated, standing, balance, and finishing poses.

The triangular pose, also called the trikonasana, is one of the elementary standing poses in this discipline. To execute such pose, one should stand and position the legs far apart from the shoulders and keep the feet straight. The arms must be raised up to the level of the shoulders. Then, lower the right arm and extend it down the right leg. After this, lower the right arm and extend it to the right leg. After which, raise the left arm over the head. Then straighten the body to its initial position and repeat the procedure for the other part of the body. This pose will tone the legs and the abdominal muscles while promoting good health of the lower back.

Power yoga may be tiring, but you need to persevere and follow the regimen it brings even if you are very much tempted to give up. There are many temptations that could distract you from practicing power yoga religiously, and you may cave in very easily if you don’t exercise discipline over your body.

Another popular yoga pose is the lotus pose. It is a seated pose requiring flexibility. Start off by placing the right foot on the left thigh, keeping the foot facing up. Place the left foot on the right thigh and face it up. Then, place the palms of the hand on the corresponding thighs. Place the left foot on the right thigh, keeping the foot faced up. Proceed with placing the palms of the hands upwards. Carry this pose while meditating and this will strengthen the legs and ankles while increasing one’s flexibility. This will also help in promoting good posture and relaxation.

There is also the Ardha Matsyendrasana which is done by kneeling down on the heels and placing the legs together. Sit to the right and place the left leg over the right foot while keeping the foot on the external side of the right knee. Keep the spine straight and then bring the right heel closer to the buttocks. While stretching the arms to the levels of the shoulder, bring the right arm to the left knee while holding the left foot close.


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