Physical Fitness and Power Yoga

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Many people have the misconception that yoga only involved stress relief by simply sitting quietly in one corner and meditating while striking up impossibly complex poses. Yoga is usually not associated with core fitness, or the utilization of yoga to exercise all the central muscles in the body. This requires intensive fitness discipline, similar to engaging in a martial arts or self-defense class. If you have had prior experience in karate classes or tae kwon do workouts, you may have an inkling of what it is like to do engage in power yoga. This type of yoga requires commitment from you, especially if you want to see and feel the results after hours of hard training.

The usual exercise routines sometimes only focus on the muscles of the arms and legs. In power yoga, you are given a total body workout so that all the important muscles of the body are exercised. Your muscles all put to work simultaneously. While this can be tiring especially for those who are not used to such intense workout, but it is an excellent way to develop and tone the muscles.

Power yoga involves balance, stretching, and concentration so that the circulatory system can work more effectively. In addition, due to the breathing techniques incorporated in almost all types of yoga, you can pump more oxygen into your system. Power yoga is highly physical, but it is a good way to stay in shape and prevent the effects of aging to manifest on the body. The body is taught to age gracefully while preventing tell-tale signs such as slowness of reflexes, sagging skin, and lower endurance, to name a few.

Like other fitness programs or forms of martial arts, you need to be devoted in fulfilling the practices and motions of power yoga in order to reap its many benefits. Short-term interest won’t do either; you will have to practice yoga regularly even after you have learned the techniques. Similar to engaging in sports or martial arts, you will quickly grow out of shape if you stop practicing for a long time.

Power yoga may be tiring, but you need to persevere and follow the regimen it brings even if you are very much tempted to give up. There are many temptations that could distract you from practicing power yoga religiously, and you may cave in very easily if you don’t exercise discipline over your body.


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