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This past weekend I did Imax2 and Tracie Long Reboot Vol 1. Imax 2 is very similar to lowmax with several sections all containing a simple step routine, a challenge and then a recovery. I had heard a lot about Imax 2 on the forum so I think my expectations were a bit high. It was fun, but I wasn’t blown away. The Tracie Long DVD was good. It was cardio mixed with weight work. It would be good for doing before work, however it is 50 minutes so I’ll need to work up to it.

I took Monday off as a planned rest day. Today (Tuesday) I did Kelly Coffey Meyer (KCM) kickbox 30 minutes. Very enjoyable but next time I would like to do one of her 40 minute premixes. 30 minutes is great, but I’m worried that I should at least do 40 minutes for it to make any difference.

I joined WW online again. I stayed well withing my points yesterday and today however tonight I had a cupcake. I need to workout tomorrow morning because Thursday I have a dentist appointment and getting it done before may be tough. We’ll see..


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