Week one

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Tues – KCM – Your Best Body.
Wed. – Hiked
Thurs. – Hiked
Fri – AfterBurn cathe walk 40 minutes
Sat – Weigh in at 143.6 walk 60 minutes

Looking for 12 pounds dumbbells. I didn’t like the ones at Sports Auth. so I’ll continue to search. Bought these Cap Barbell Fitness Urethane Covered Dumbbell (Black) on Amazon.


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Nia Shanks niashanks.com girlsgonestrong.com Blogs and youtube channels of Mike Roberston, Tony Gentilcore and Bret Contreras.

A new start

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Today I joined weight watchers and I did Low Impact Challenge. It was fun. I made it through all of the step portion; skipped some of the lunge/kicks off the step but did most of the rest of it. At the end Cathe keeps going and going and at one point I can see Jai laughing at her since she seems ready and willing to do anything that she throws out. However Brenda and Lorraine don’t look quite as happy. I like this one a lot. I hope to do a low impact rotation. Weight watchers was a little funny. I went to a new center and it was kind of small and cramped. I needed to combine my online account with the in-person account when I got home so I didn’t really officially join yet. So annoying. I think I like having a place to go to get up and out on Saturday mornings. We’ll see how it goes. $48.00 a month. Ick.