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Well, I only got one workout in last week before work. I’ll try to do better this coming week. Today (Saturday) I did Cathe F. Low Impact Circuit. …everything but the abs. I felt that I did pretty much the whole DVD and I remember doing this DVD a few months ago and I had to take a lot of breaks. So I feel like my fitness is improving. Yea!! Hooray!! I need to keep at it though. I had a bad day at work on Friday so I went to Ross Dress for Less and they had some random fitness equipment for cheap. I bought a 6 lb weighted ball (Tracie Long uses a weighted ball in one of the new DVDs I purchased and I think Cathe uses one in the new XTrain DVDs). I also bought 1 pd. weights that you wrap around your wrists. They were only $5.00 …which is good because when I was at Target last night they had a similar thing but it wrapped around your thumb and probably stays in place a little easier. Oh well …it cheered me up. Food is challenge for me during the holidays. I’m going to try to keep on track as much as I can.

More December

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This past weekend I did Imax2 and Tracie Long Reboot Vol 1. Imax 2 is very similar to lowmax with several sections all containing a simple step routine, a challenge and then a recovery. I had heard a lot about Imax 2 on the forum so I think my expectations were a bit high. It was fun, but I wasn’t blown away. The Tracie Long DVD was good. It was cardio mixed with weight work. It would be good for doing before work, however it is 50 minutes so I’ll need to work up to it.

I took Monday off as a planned rest day. Today (Tuesday) I did Kelly Coffey Meyer (KCM) kickbox 30 minutes. Very enjoyable but next time I would like to do one of her 40 minute premixes. 30 minutes is great, but I’m worried that I should at least do 40 minutes for it to make any difference.

I joined WW online again. I stayed well withing my points yesterday and today however tonight I had a cupcake. I need to workout tomorrow morning because Thursday I have a dentist appointment and getting it done before may be tough. We’ll see..

DVDs I want to get:

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\Kelly Coffey’s 30 Minutes to Fitness: Weights

Cathe Friedrich’s High Reps
Cathe Friedrich’s STS Total Body
Cathe Friedrich’s Lower Body Blast
Cathe Friedrich’s Intensity

Cathe Friedrich’s Cardio Fusion
Cathe Friedrich’s Butts & Guts
Cathe Friedrich’s Drill Max
Cathe Friedrich’s Body Max 2

I’d also like to get more Tracie Long DVDs.
I only have the two reboot series. But I’d like to try some of her Figure 30.

Dec post

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This week I successfully woke up one morning and did a workout. I did 30 minute Kelly Coffey Meyer – Your Best Body. I like Kelly Coffey Meyer …she is encouraging and upbeat. I sometimes get stuck watching one of her crew “Sam” who I can tell is really not into it. Cracks me up. Anyway, 30 minutes is pretty short, but I wanted to just get into the habit of getting up and doing it. However, as you can see, I only managed one out of five days. At least I did it once! I’m scheduling Monday as my rest day since I work out pretty hard on the weekends. Also, I like to watch Homeland on Sunday night and it doesn’t start until 10:00pm….so Sunday is a relatively late night. So, I guess I can say I made it one out of four days! …that is 25%! I’ll try to increase it next week.

This weekend: Saturday I did Low Max (Cathe Friedrich) for the first time. I liked it! It has 7 sections containing periods of fun step and a challenge. It is tough and I didn’t make it through all 7 sections. I got a great deal on her ‘hardcore series’ last week during “Black Friday Deals” so I’m super psyched.

Sunday I did To the Max (Cathe Friedrich). I skipped the floor work but otherwise got through quite a bit of this. It is pretty tough and I was a sweaty mess from head to toe at the end. So that comes up to be about 46 minutes. It seemed like a hell of a lot longer. This is a workout that I can only do the weekends due to the fact that it is so tough. But I see progress from previous times I done this workout.