BodyBlast Series cont.

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I am slowly making it through this rotation. Yesterday I did StepBlast for the first time. Very fun!! but it is going to take me practicing this routine a few times through to get all the moves down. Today I did Legs and Glutes which is really tough. Cathe and her crew use ankle weights for a good chunk of the routine which I can’t even imagine…I can’t get through it as it is. I’ve been walking the dog the last couple of nights. I try to go 2 miles. I’m listening to a good book on my ipod which is helping. (Freedom by Jonathan Franzen)

Anyway, all good.

Starting weight: 145 lb.
Current weight: 139.3 lb. BodyBlast Series

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This weekend I did two of Cathe Friedlich’s DVDs from the BodyBlast Series. I did Kick, Punch and Crunch on Saturday and Push Pull on Sunday. Both were VERY FUN!!

KPC is full of kickboxing (of course) but it is really a lot of fun. I noticed that Cathe and her crew were kicking their legs high above their waist most of the time and I was kicking even with my knee ..but it was still fun! I’m sure I’m going to be sore tomorrow. PP is all weights …some on the stability ball. Some of the time they are using a barbell but I just used hand weights. If I keep this up, I’ll definitely invest in a barbell but as it is, I have a lot of equipment. They also use a “tall step” where I substitute my “transfirmer” from The Firm. (which I bought on ebay since they don’t sell them anymore). The transfirmer is a perfect substitute. I’m pretty sure it is the same height. I’ll have to count their risers next time I do the DVD.

If I can keep up with this rotation, I want to eventually try Cathe’s STS Program. It is supposed to be phenomenal. BodyBlast Series

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Starting weight: 145 lb.
Current weight: 141.5 lb.

I find that I am more successful when I am following a rotation and I know which DVD I have coming up and I can plan. So I thought I’d do a one month rotation using some new videos I purchased from Cathe Friedlich is a marvelous instructor but she is tough!! If I keep to this schedule, I’m sure to see results at the end of four weeks.

Week One:

Sat: Step, Jump and Pump (SJP) – DONE
skipped the rest of the week…

This is what I’m starting 01/21/12
Sat: Kick, Punch and Crunch (KPC)
Sun: Push Pull (PP)
Mon: Off
Tue: Step Blast (SB)
Wed: Legs and Glutes (L&G)
Thu: Supersets (SS)
Fri: Step Blast (SB)

Week Two:

Mon: KPC
Tues: PP plus L&G (skipping the stretch on PP and skipping the warm up on L&G)
Wed: Off
Thurs: SB
Fri: SJP
Sat: KPC
Sun: SS

Week Three:

Mon: SB
Tues: SJP
Wed: Warm up and step only of SJP and the kick punch combinations and abs only of KPC
Thurs: Warm up and high intensity drills only of KPC plus PP (skipping PP warm up)
Fri: off
Sat: SS and L&G (skipping stretch of SS and skipping warm up on L&G)
Sun: Off

Week Four:

Mon: Warm up and step only of SJP plus PP (skipping warm up of PP)
Tues: KPC
Wed: Jump, Pump, Abs, and Stretch only of SJP (do a warm up of your choice before starting)
Thurs: Off
Fri: L&G
Sat: SB
Sun: SS

Aerobic Body Shaping with Allie

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aerobic body shaping by The FirmLOVED LOVED LOVED this one! First time doing this today and really liked it. This DVD uses the Firm signature “Transfirmer”. I have a Transfirmer that I purchased off ebay a few months ago. (I think I paid about $50.00) You certainly don’t need the Transfirmer…you could just use a step but it was nice having it since they use it on a slant sometimes. Allie is one of my favorite Firm instructors …she really has a nice smile. (sounds cheesy! …but she really does!!) This workout has some work using the tall step (putting the 6″ and the 8″ on top of one another for a really tall step ) which aggravated my knees a few months ago…so I really need to take it slow and give myself a break before doing this workout again. There was a small section of lunges that I skipped in the spirit of niceness to my knees as well. Aerobic Body Shaping
is a Great Workout!
Also walked the dog for an hour tonight.

Ultimate Fat Burning Workout – The Firm

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Today I did Ultimate Fat Burning Workout affectionately called UFBW by some. This DVD is led by the lovely Alison Davis. Alison is one of my favorite Master Instructors (and she has a great body) she has perfect cue-ing for an overall good beginner 45 minute workout. The workout is a mix of cardio and four limb aerobics (four limb is when your are moving your legs and also pumping weights). In the middle is a long kick-boxing segment which I really enjoyed. I used 3 lb weights for most of the workout but next time will try 5 lb. I didn’t want to aggravate my elbow which has been feeling sore. This is a fun workout …not too tough, but easy choreography with a great lead.